Exploring the World of Handpan Scales: A Guide to Choosing the Right One for You


“Which scales is best for me?” or “What kind of scales can I choose?”

Handpans come in a variety of scales, each producing a unique and distinct sound. The scales the players choose will greatly impact the music they create. For most new handpan players, it is really necessary to know how to choose the right scales for their handpans.

In this article, we will introduce the various handpan scales as a reference so that help our customers open up the new horizon of handpans to find the most suitable scale.

Main features:
•Visionary, mysterious, enjoyable, hopeful and warm
•One of the most popular and common minor scale
•A full diatonic minor
•Easy to integrate with other instruments and to play with other handpans


This is Raysen Master Handpan 10 Notes D Kurd for your reference:
Available kurd for Raysen handpan:
C# Kurd: C#3, G#3, A3, B3, C#4, D#4, E4, F#4, G#4
D kurd: D3/ A Bb C D E F G A
E kurd / F kurd / G kurd can customize

Low Pygmy:
Main features:
•Fun, playful, intuitive and earthy
•A pentatonic (5 notes) variation
•Its root note is on the Ding, and then a major 2nd, its minor 3rd, perfect 5th and minor 7th
•Introspection that triggers deeper emotions


This is Raysen Master Handpan 9 Notes F Pygmy for your reference:
Available Low Pygmy for Raysen handpan:
F Low Pygmy: F3/ G Ab C Eb F G Ab C
C# Low Pygmy / #F pygmy can customize

Main features:
•Mysterious, meditative, positive, uplifting
•A fully diatonic minor
•Lead to great diversity and much possibility to explore
•A full scale of C#minor is the most popular Annaziska in the world of handpan


This is Raysen 11 notes D AnnaZiska | Kurd for your reference
Available AnnaZiska for Raysen handpan:
C# AnnaZiska C#/ G#, A, B, C#, D#, E, F#, G#
D AnnaZiska

Main features:
•Cheerful, positive, uplifting, celebratory and empowering
•A diatonic version of a Lydian modal scale
•The root note is the second lower note of the scale, and the ding is its perfect fifth
•One of players’ favorite major scale variations


This is Raysen Professional Handpan 9 Notes E Sabye for your reference:
Available Sabye for Raysen handpan:
D SabyeD D3/G A B C# D E F# A
G SaBye / E Sabye can customize

Amara / Celtic:
Main features:
•Joyful, calm, serene, dreamy, smooth
•It’s common in traditional Celtic music
•Suitable for beginner, sound therapy, sound healing bath and yoga
•A traditional Dorian mode


This is Raysen professional handpan 9 notes C# Amara for your reference:
Available Amara / Celtic for Raysen handpan:
D Celtic D/ A, C, D, E, F, G, A/
E Amara E/ B D E F# G A B D
D Amara D / A C D E F G A C

Main features:
•Dreamy, futuristic, ethereal
•A major scale with a low ding
•An uncertain scale great for meditation
•A pentatonic scale


This is Raysen professional 11 notes C Aegean handpan for your reference:
Available Aegean for Raysen handpan:
C Aegean / Other scales can be customized

In a nutshell, the choice of handpan scale depends on personal preference and use. As long as you have the scale you want, you can contact us for customization. Raysen will provide you with more refined customized services so that you are sure to find your favorite and the most suitable handpan here. Hurry up and act! Find yourself the most compatible handpan partner!

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