Raysen Handpan

The handpan instrument is made out of high-quality stainless steel which is almost resistant to water and humidity. They produce clear and pure notes when struck by the hand. The tone is pleasing, soothing, and relaxing and can be used in a variety of settings both for performance and therapy.

Raysen’s handpans are handcrafted individually by skilled tuners. This craftsmanship ensures attention to detail and uniqueness in sound and appearance. The handpan’s tone is pleasing, soothing, and relaxing and can be used in a variety of settings both for performance and therapy.

Now we have three series of handpan instruments, which are suitable for both beginners and professional musicians. All of our instruments are electronically tuned and tested before they are sent out to our customers.



  • Master Mini Handpan F Gong 16 Notes

  • Professional Handpan C Aegean 11 Notes

  • Master Handpan E Amara 19 Notes

  • Beginner Handpan D Kurd 9 Notes

  • Professional Handpan D Kurd 10 Notes

Why choose us


We are professional handpan factory equipped with skilled tuners, and we also cooperate with local handpan craftsmen who have many years handcrafted experience.

Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality handpans that are crafted with the utmost care and precision.

We offer massive selection of handpans, including 9-20 notes handpan with different scales. And we can customize according to customer’s requirements.

Our handpans come with a carry bag, so you can easily travel with your handpan and play it wherever you want.

We offer reliable after-sales service, if the handpan drum is out of tune or damaged during shipment, or has other quality problem, we will be responsible for that.

Meet our handpans


Custom Your HANDPAN

Different scales and notes customization is available!



During the factory tour, visitors are treated to a firsthand look at the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating these beautiful instruments. Unlike mass-produced handpans, Raysen's handpans are individually handcrafted by skilled tuners, each bringing their own expertise and passion to the crafting process. This customized approach ensures that every instrument receives the attention to detail necessary to create a unique sound and appearance.

Cooperation & service