Handpan: The Difference of Frequency 432 Hz VS 440 Hz

When you find a handpan in a store or workshop, there are always two kinds of frequency for your choice. 432 Hz or 440 Hz. However, which one is more suitable for your demands? And which one should be taken home? These are very troublesome problems, right?

Today, Raysen will take you to enter the frequency world to identify their differences. Raysen will be your reliable partner to bring you travel the handpan world! Let’s go! Now!

What is the frequency?
Frequency is the number of oscillation of sound waves per second and this is measured in Hertz.

There is a chart for your identity directly.

440 Hz

432 Hz

HP-M10D D kurd 440hz:

1 (1)

HP M10D D kurd 432Hz: 

1 (2)


Sound: louder and brighterApplicable site: entertainment venueMusical partner: other musical instrumentsBetter for large-scale music performance events or playing with others Sound: quite lower and softerApplicable site: sound healing workshopMusical partner: crystal bowl, GongBetter for yoga, meditation and sound bath

440 Hz, since 1950, has been the standard pitch for music world wide. Its sound is brighter and attractive. In the world, many musical instruments are 440 Hz, so the 440 Hz handpan is more suitable to play with them. You can choose this frequency to play it with more handpan players.
432 Hz, is the frequency same as solar system, water and nature. Its sound is quite lower and softer. The 432 Hz handpan can give therapeutic benefits, so it is more suitable for sound healing. If you are a healer, this frequency is a better choice.


When we want to choose a suitable handpan for ourselves, it’s necessary for us to know which frequency, scale and notes are suitable for our demands and the purpose of buying a handpan. Never buy it just following the trend, you need to find the most suitable handpan partner according to your needs. If you have any problems, please contact our staff. They will recommend the best choice for you. Now, let’s take action to find our own handpan partner!

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