Authentic Slit Drum , Handcrafted Wooden Percussion Instrument - Buy Now!

Introducing the Slit Drum, a traditional percussion instrument crafted with precision and passion by Zunyi Raysen Musical Instrument Manufacture Co., Ltd. in China. As a leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory of musical instruments, we take pride in bringing the rich cultural heritage of the Slit Drum to musicians and enthusiasts worldwide. The Slit Drum, also known as a log drum, is a hollow percussion instrument with slots or slits carved into the top. When struck with mallets or hands, it produces a deep and resonant sound that is both mesmerizing and rhythmic. Our skilled craftsmen use quality materials and traditional techniques to ensure the authenticity and superior quality of each Slit Drum. Whether for professional performances, educational purposes, or personal enjoyment, our Slit Drum offers a unique and immersive musical experience. Embrace the ancient traditions and vibrant sounds of the Slit Drum, thoughtfully created by Zunyi Raysen Musical Instrument Manufacture Co., Ltd. Experience the craftsmanship and artistry of a time-honored instrument.

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